Grand National 2020
Grand National 2020
Grand National 2020
Grand National 2020

The Aintree Grand National



For the second year in a row. Matched only by Red Rum

The countdown is on to the 2020 Randox Grand National...


I have genuinley picked 4 winners in a row.. 2020 I will be going for number 5! This makes the hours in Bet Fred so worth it.

Brexit and the Grand National 2020

How will Brexit affect the Grand National 2020!?


I obviously know how Brexit will pan out but I don't want to spoil this for people. Let's just say the Aintree Randox Grand National is safe for a few years to come! It will get banned in 2098

Grand National 2019 Crazy Horse Crazy Horses.... Ruhhhh Ruhhh

Over 732 million people will tune into the the Grand National. Of that 82% will have a £27 bet on average. 


Did you know 18% of statistics are made up on the spot.


As always 40 ish horses will run the National unless they decide not to go in the box or if any of them have a mare (get it? mare, bare lolz). More details of the horses and jockeys with be published here when another site put them up and I can do some research. We'll keep you informed of the runners and riders and the best offers from the bookies. Be sure to check out the DIY sweepstake kit to. I am aiming for one person to do it this year. If you do it please be sure to send me a pic. There are probably a lot better ones out there with pictures on etc. This one makes you put some effort in. Life is too easy these days. This one you have to write the names out. Have some fun with it. Invite your friends. Keep it real.


Tickets - I will publish this info later. watch out for the Grand National 2020 mega giveaway!!


Horses are resting up during the winter period. They will be out in force in the coming months should the EU allow it. One inside tip is go with the grey ones. They are easy to keep an eye on. I haven't actually chekced how many grey horses have won races but it is a tip I always try and stick to. Mainly because I would kick myself if a grey one won and I didn't bet on it.


Cheltenham Gold Cup site coming soon. I know everyone is requesting it so due to overwhelming demand I may do it.




I have a 100% sucess rate on the national for the last 6 years. Please see the tips section for the next winner. 


Grand National 2020 is now just around the corner. Watch this space for tips and jockey info. I am going for a 5th year picking the winner. 

Grand National 2019 Born To Run Born To Run


Grand National 2019 Updates


Another winner picked for ther 4th year running. You can't make this sh1t up!


When jockeys fall off the horses still run to the post. Saying all that the jumps can be a bit harsh. Lets hope the Grand National 2019 has no casualtys. 


All can be found here, results, jockey info, grand national stats, rubbish, sweepstake kits, items for sale and a load of other stuff. Most of the stuff on this website is very very very useful. The tips are hand picked from the best pyramid scheme sites and uploaded here in one place. 


Foe those who hav complined about the speeling on this site or even the grammer please "note" i dont care and I do type like an 8 yer old. its neither here nor their. Good day too u sir.

Where can I watch The Grand National 2020?


The Grand National 2020 date is 6th April 2019


Aintree Racecourse
Ormskirk Rd
L9 5AS


Tickets: Starting at £30


The Grand National 2020 is on ITV for the 3rd time this year after winning the broadcasting rights to show racing. Ed Chamberlain will be their presenter.


So during the build up, every 10 minutes you will get adverts. Joy

A wise man once said this is the reason why many people across the globe stop for just over 10 minutes. Liverpool and beyond remain quiet, waiting and watching. Who will win – it could be any one of the 40 runners and riders that line up to face the ultimate challenge in Jumps racing. The Grand National 2020 promises to be another great event with another great winner.


The history of The Grand National is a display of talent and true determination. Immerse yourself with thousands of others on the Aintree turf and cheer on your favourite. Good luck to anyone placing a bet on the Grand National 2020.


Grand National 2020 Aintree Transport

I will be running a transportation service to and from aintree on the big day. I have a 7 seater but will need to take my wife with me to show me the way which means the 3 boys will need to come with us. Therefore I will have space for 2 people (it will be the back seats so anyone applying for seats please make sure you are no bigger than the average jockey). I will be doing 1 run there and 1 run back. I have a party that night so will need to leave by about 16:00. If you are interested I will be leaving around 6am from Kings Cross. Travel tickets will cost £60 each and drinks will be provided. Please let me know if you prefer Fanta fruit twist or root beer 3 days in advance. contact me for more info on travel tickets.


The Grand National 2020 is a great way to get together with real friends, not your Facebook crew but your actual friends whose full names you know and have their addresses and phone numbers in your Rolodex or PDA.


Good luck at the Grand National

Enjoy, good luck, have fun, don't gamble too much, don't drink too much. Take care of yourselves and each other.


Grand National 2018 Ticket Giveaway

I will be giving away 1 ticket to a lucky person. Please click the contact  me tab to take part. All I need is a reason why (in no more than 3000 words) you deserve the ticket. Good luck!



Grand National 2020 Winners will be revealed at some point.

Grand National 2020 Crazy Horse Sumo Tiger Roll In Training

Grand National - Grey stats

Three different grey horses have won the Grand National four times:

  • The Lamb (1868 and 1871)
  • Nicolaus Silver (1961) and
  • Neptune Collonges (2012)

Never since 2012 has a grey won the Grand National. I personally think the grey ones are a bit past it. I wouldn't place a bet on a grey in the Grand National 2020. If you do though good luck. 

I love getting your messages but I seriously cannot get you VIP seats to the Grand National 2020. I can ask my mate but don't think he can either. 

Above is my button. Please feel free to give it a click. For no reason other than just to prove it does sod all.

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