Grand National 2020
Grand National 2020
Grand National 2020
Grand National 2020


We would like to thank everyone for the interest we have had. Below are some comments and questions we have had relating to the site and the responses below. Please keep your suggestions coming as we are always looking to improve your experience.



"Love the site. Is this going to be the proper site!? Cheers"


..Thanks! Err no it is not


"I do hope the eventual website will be more professional than what I have just seen.   It looks as though it was written by an 8-year old.   The text is riddled with spelling, poor grammar and punctuation errors!"


..You are correct. The site is riddled with spelling


"Hello there. I am going to be arranging a tour bus for some of my VIP clients. Most of the previous years we have been given special rates on the VIP box tickets. I plan to be arranging for around 20 people (some of them are going to be top VIPs but I cannot say who yet). What rates can you do for VIP tickets? Thank you"


..Bare Lolz. If I did sell tickets I would charge you more with this attempt!


"Morning, we now know the date which is great! Just wondering if you have any tips yet. I won on an each way bet last year which was good. Have you got any inside infor on the best horse to bet on (on the nose as they say or and each way (1st or 2nd))"


..I would go for the jockey wearing green. Good luck ;-)

"How long is a furlong?"


"What a joke of a site. You just wasted 5 mins of my life, thank you very much! "


..Thanks for wasting more of your time and leaving a review. Please see the donate page if you wish to donate.


"This made me laugh so I thought I would leave a comment to see if you actually publish it "


..Thanks, sorry I can't publish everything due to overwhelming demand. My time is very precious to me and the thing is I just can't take the time out of my very busy day to reply to everyone. I will see what I can do but as I mentioned I can't reply to everything.


Just today for example, I sat down to open up my emails and I had an email from someone advertising viagra. This distracted me from the task in had which was replying to a number of people who left comments. I had to open up my spam settings and make sure this address was blocked. I knew it was spam as I have never inquired about any such thing before. This took away 10 mins of my time which just leaves less and less time to actually sit down and draft a meaningful responce.


I just wish sometimes that I had 30 seconds to myself to just leave an ever so brief note just letting people know that I do care and I do read all your messages. I came home from work the other day and my train was delayed 12 minutes, again just another example of people wasting my prescious time. By the time I got in I only had 4 hours to catch up on TV etc. This is obviously my downtime and I am not going to start doing this little side project am I!


Anyway, thanks for the interest in the site though, it is really nice of you to get in touch and pass on your comments. If I had more time I really really would take a few mins out to get back to you properly. Thanks again and sorry. x


"Why do you bother with this nonsence"


..Ditto (if that is the right word)


"How much are tickets. Can you get a discount?"


..No idea. No


"Are you Dave Gorman?"



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