Grand National 2020
Grand National 2020
Grand National 2020
Grand National 2020

DIY Sweepstake Kit

If you fancy downloading a make your own sweepstake kit and enjoy the challange of writing the names out and getting a pair of scissors to cut them out this is the sweepstake for you!

Get your craft on and go for it with your very own Grand National 2020 Sweepstake


If not buy The Sun a week before.


Before you start decide how you will split the winnings – its normal to do something like this…
1st = 60%, 2nd = 60%, 3rd = 10% and 4th = 1.6%


Cut out all 40 of the horse’s names from the sheet you've downloaded, fold them up, and put them in a hat. For jokes you can add an extra name in and watch the reaction


Get £150 from each person who wants to take part. Everyone pulls a horse's name at random from the hat


Make a note of persons eye colour and the horse they pulled out


When the winner is announced (check the tips tab for the winner) then split up the $

Sweepstake Kit
Download your own sweepstake kit here
Sweepstake Kit.pdf
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